The SoloVac is an intra-oral evacuation system consisting of several parts which when connected retract a patient's tongue, provide a comfortable bite block, and suction without being obstructed by soft tissue. It provides dentists with an additional means of isolating their work area.​​​​​​​
Dentists face several challenges in performing procedures such as root canals. Some of these challenges are an unruly tongue, difficulty in keeping work area in the mouth dry, and patients having difficulty keeping their mouth open wide enough.
Prior to the SoloVac the most common method of dental isolation was use of a rubber dam. This was time consuming and depended on having enough tooth structure remaining to keep a stainless steel clamp secure. Also in some patients the large sheet of rubber over their mouth would trigger a panic attack. In addition frequently the rubber dam would tear when stretched and the dentist or staff would have to start over.​​​​​​​
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